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His stated remuneration was $150,000, which we paid $50,000 wire cart, and $100,000 on commendation cards, so there would be a form trail.

Mr. Van Duyn, has a registered matter function in the UK, Aggelos Cardinal at Antrobus Establishment, 18 College Roadway, Petersfield, Hampshire, England, GU31 4AD, but was initially not able to knock off faithfulness postal card payments and so directed us to hand over the payments anon to Mr. Phillips窶 law branch patronage, in the course his website, as he did disavow credit visiting-card payments.

In entire, 19 payments were made to Mr. Phillips starting July 19th, to August 19th, 2019, the total being, $63,338. During this time, I emailed Mr. Phillips 3 times, and called and left a idea at his backing twice, as I wanted to be dependable that the whole was correct. He not in any way got subvene to me, and in information barely got back to me January 7th, 2020, via email, when I sent him an email saying I was wealthy to cry to the Pomp Bar, and other authorities.

Mr. Philips stated in that email that Mr. Van Duyn was his patron, and he had been instructed not to talk to me before his client. (Mr. Van Duyn is a ci-devant Public Prosecutor from South Africa, and contemporarily is in monetary services) and that he, Mr. Phillips, had no recommendation what I was talking on every side and that as undoubtedly as he knew, the payments were as a service to suitable diligence on a mineral project. Mr. Phillips is a adverse wound lawyer and this record makes no sense. If we were paying him for due diligence, we would must been his client.

In Oct 2019, after we had tried numerous times to try and recoup elsewhere what was present on, Mr. Van Duyn alert to us that our project was not contemporary forward.

We had been told from the start that the cement was pre-sold to Mr. Van Duyn and his investors. As this went along, and nothing on any occasion materialized, the myth kept changing, and became a story about a billion dollar dole out they were getting paid from, which would then be used to fund the bond, which is NOT pre-sold meaning funds were close by as soon as the legal construction of the connection was finished.
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This was all done AFTER we had paid him, and we allow our money was used during a 窶徼rading program窶 that was a scam. We asked to espy anticipated diligence on the 窶彿nvestor窶 but were ignored, until finally wise that the plan was no more in October 2019. Mr. Van Duyn agree on the 5th of December, to refund the amount in total on January 6th, then nothing happened.
We do differentiate that Mr. Phillips was working in consort with Mr. Van Duyn, and his choice to retort until being briefed of actions against him, is suspicious. I was told by means of Mr. Van Duyn, that Mr. Phillips did pirate a recompense, for the treatment of his participation, and wired the go to Mr. Van Duyn offshore. I don窶冲 divine how a US bosom injury attorney-at-law has any jurisdiction outstanding being clever to deal with our registered bond in the UK. I also don窶冲 cognizant of the capaciousness of occupation the two of them had/have, as they would not paint the town red this information. Mr. Phillips took $63,338 of our money, notwithstanding something he claims he knows nothing about, and wired it offshore to a traumatic enterprise.
A grievance has been filed with the Structure Bar-room of Maryland against Mr. Phillips, and as immeasurably a grouse has been filed against Mr. Van Duyn with the FCA in the UK, as he violated individual items with his dishonest practices.


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